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THE HILL GROUP’s Workforce Strategy Team combines its strengths in over 50 years of strategy and business planning with a distinguished history in economic development to provide a unique focus in the workforce development arena.  The Hill Group understands the changing dynamics of workforce policy boards and the impact a competitive workforce system can have in serving employers and in attracting, developing and retaining talent.

Our team of professionals will provide you with valuable tools guaranteed to produce meaningful results.  Consider partnering with the Workforce Strategy Team on your next local, state, regional or national project.  Have a best practice that you need assistance in implementing?  Let THE HILL GROUP provide the resources and staffing your organization needs to move your workforce development system to the next level. 

Strategic Planning
Market Research and Branding
Applied Business Research
Decision Support and Analysis
Industry Cluster Facilitation
Organizational and Board Development
Workforce Summits

Strategic Planning

It is critical that workforce organizations and policy boards chart a planned course for success.  Through Strategic Planning initiatives, organizations are better equipped to address both short and long term workforce needs within their regions on the path to building a world-class workforce.  Planning provides the following benefits:

Aligns resources to targeted areas for strategic goal achievement

Fosters consensus on issues that key stakeholders feel are important

Stimulates an atmosphere of ownership for organization direction

Creates an environment of accountability

Allows decision makers to proactively plan and adapt to changing internal and external forces

Integrates and streamlines multiple levels of an organization

Enhances organization communication, effectiveness, and efficiency

THE HILL GROUP's Workforce Strategy professionals will work one-on-one with your board and staff to develop an actionable, measurable plan.  Facilitation can be done in a retreat setting or can be tailored to fit your organization's needs.  Environmental scanning techniques and surveying can complement your plan and aid in quantifying desired outcomes.  Once your plan has been established, our team will ensure that you and your staff have the tools and training to create action!

Market Research and Branding

Establishing and maximizing outreach to both employers and jobseekers in today's competitive market is a difficult task.  Maintaining a competitive position with both of these markets is equally difficult.

THE HILL GROUP's Workforce Strategy team has a successful track record of helping organizations tap both industry and jobseeker markets and establish a competitive brand.  We will work with your organization to identify opportunities, properly segment the market, and prepare workforce strategies that mitigate risk, improve product delivery, and provide customer service. 

Applied Business Research

Workforce organizations and policy boards are often faced with the challenge of gathering critical information to enhance their decision making capability.  Research can assist workforce professionals towards improving service delivery, reducing costs, streamlining operations, and enhancing system wide coordination.  THE HILL GROUP has a core strength in applied business research, customized to the unique environment of workforce professionals.  Sample studies include but are not limited to:

Best Practices

Decision Support and Analysis

Managers face tough organizational decisions on a daily basis.  In today's information age, information overload can be as confusing as a lack of information.  THE HILL GROUP's Workforce Strategy team can assist your management team in making decisions that are better informed.  Our staff can help you sort out the information critical to your decision making process, identify and gather any additional information, and eliminate the rest.  Our staff is experienced in statistical analysis of labor market data and leveraging information technology to assist in supporting decisions.  We also recognize and incorporate the impact of qualitative decision factors such as cognitive methods of decision making, individual and organizational risk tolerances, and the psychological biases that affect decision skills.

THE HILL GROUP utilizes a vast array of research and investigative resources to provide our clients with due diligence on their investments.  We conduct comprehensive investigations to provide detailed reports on assets, operations, and management. 


Industry Cluster Facilitation

A highly skilled workforce is one of the single most important factors for regional competitiveness.  If your region has not yet addressed the demands of employers through established industry clusters, consider facilitating such dialogue through workforce development.  THE HILL GROUP's Workforce Strategy team can guide your region and organization in establishing an intermediary infrastructure that serves both the supply and the demand sides of the workforce development infrastructure in building and industry driven workforce.

Organizational and Board Development

The ability to remain competitive often requires organizations to develop action-oriented teams to achieve strategic goals. Depending on the goals, teams may be comprised of either cross-functional or homogenous work groups, acting on a short-term or a long-term initiative. Teams may originate in a proactive manner in which an organization sees environmental changes or opportunities to secure a competitive advantage. Teams may also arise from a reactive mode to deal with an immediate organizational threat. Effective team building can lead to an increase in organizational performance through:

Improved communication  
Ownership of tactics and strategies  
Increased timeframe for goal achievement  
Enhanced creativity in idea development  
Action oriented accountability  
Flexibility in adapting to changing environment  
Differentiated experience and expertise  
Multiple perspectives on a specific issue  
Enhanced strategy development  
Collective goal achievement  

Service Quality Training

Service provision is a critical factor to organizational effectiveness and success.  The level of service that organizations provide to their internal and external customers often determines that organization's success or failure.  Service quality training is an effective management tool to improve service and customer satisfaction.

The Hill Group designs integrated solutions that are specific to the service quality training needs of your organization.  Our staff will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your service team and construct a customized training program to build off your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.



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